Is Cozy Roadie worth the cost?

Understand the reasons why Cozy Roadie is worth the investment for you and your team.

Absolutely!  When you take into account that your clients and crew are almost always requesting show chairs now... 

I have personally thrown away no less than $2500.00 over the last couple years buying chairs at the big box retailers at the last minute, so that I could have a comfy chair to sit in at my show position. Sometimes, that can be for 14-16 hours on end! You Roadies know what I'm talking about!

Most of the time, the chair I just purchased, gets thrown (literally) on the back of a truck and shows up to another gig missing wheels, or worse, seriously damaged from a constant and unavoidable shifting load.

I have witnessed fellow roadies purchase a chair online for same-day delivery, then leave it behind at the end of the show! That has to cost way more then a Cozy Roadie, even if you are throwing down per diem for that purchase!

Now that you know what you know, do YOU think it’s expensive?  Cozy Roadie comes packed in a military-grade protective case, which is warrantied for life!  It’s easy to use your Cozy Roadie and then return to to the case, good as new!  That means no damage, no replacement necessary.  It’s easiest on the pocketbook in the long-run!

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