How does a production company benefit by investing in Cozy Roadies?

Learn the benefits of a Cozy Roadie for your production company.

The ROI on Cozy Roadies is tremendous!

  • Our chairs ship fully protected in a transit case and last for years instead of
    months. Until now, fully assembled chairs were transported to shows, with no way
    to protect them from damage in transit. Chairs often only last a trip or two, before
    they are broken and must be replaced.
  • A production company’s rental business is one of the most lucrative, and
    often overlooked, aspects of their business. Production Companies offering Cozy
    Roadies as a rental item for their clients not only saves the hassle of ordering chairs
    from a rental company, it creates a new profit center for the company.
  • Every show looks like a Million Dollar Show! Production companies work so
    hard to make a show look perfect. Run down, damaged chairs on show site do not
    reflect that. Wow your clients by providing them gorgeous seating!
  • To attract Great Technical Directors and Engineers. Comfort on the Road is a
    big deal to those who leave their homes and families for work the majority of the
    year. Professionals appreciate the little things that can take their job from drudgery
    to joy!

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