Why was the Cozy Roadie invented?

Hear from our owner, Michael Saperton, on why he invented the Cozy Roadie chair.

I have worked in the Staging and Production Industry for 38 years. I noticed a pain
point for all of us Techs, Engineers, and Crew (affectionately referred to as
“Roadies”) – when working away from home, sitting for long hours during a show
backstage or FOH, a dependable, comfortable chair makes a big difference. Until
now, executive office chairs had to be transported fully assembled, on loaded trucks
of equipment. The load inevitably shifts and chairs often arrive damaged or
destroyed, requiring one to either seek makeshift seating from the venue or perhaps
even sit on a road case, for long hours of rehearsal and show. I had personally
thrown away no less than $2500.00 in just a couple years, buying chairs at the big
box retailers at the last minute, so that I could have a comfy chair to sit in at my 
show position. These chairs only lasted a few trips before requiring replacement.

I have witnessed fellow workers purchase a chair online for same-day delivery, then 
leave it behind at the end of the show. This is expensive.

Now we can all have comfortable chairs that last for years instead of months!

Our friends and clients Love their Cozy Roadies. We look forward to doing business 
with you.

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